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The Bluedot is a fully automatic coffee machine with fresh milk and powder milk options and a recommended production of 50-80 cups. It stands at only 60cm tall and can be connected to a water tank or plumbed directly to a mains water supply More Info...

Macco MX-2

If you are looking for a speciality machine, designed for low to medium demand, then MX-2 is the perfect answer to offer the same outstanding quality performances of Macco machines. The excellent price/quality ratio will convince you to make it your coffee machine best choice! MX-2 is available in 2 main versions, Easy and LM (fresh milk) both in black colour. Available also as self-serve. The user friendly interface makes it simple to use: it can deliver from 8 to 24 beverage selections. More Info...

Macco MX-4

The drink selections, background colours and images can be easily customized on the display; you can load screensavers and promotions to maximize the benefits associated with a great beverage offer. The integrated loudspeaker allows you to play music and promotions which is complemented by the clear step-by-step graphical instructions of how to set and operate. More Info...

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